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Johann Jordaan


As head of school,  my involvement with Pomario is an exciting journey. I have served in several institutions in South Africa and abroad, but Pomario, with its unique character, is one of my favourites!  


After my high school career, a love of languages ​​led me to the University of Stellenbosch where I obtained an Honours degree in Afrikaans and Dutch literature, as well as the Higher Education Diploma (HED).


My initial teaching experience spans 16 years - a period in which I was fortunate enough to be exposed to many facets of education and residence management. After that, I entered the business world and for a next period of 16 years I was in charge of a computer training facility and various related industries. During this time I also served as chair of a school governing body and I stayed involved in school activities through sports coaching.


In 2017, I had the opportunity to apply my teaching and management experience abroad as the principal of an international private school in Nigeria. Three years later, I had the privilege of joining Pomario as Head of School.


I am married to Wilma, an occupational therapist, and we have four children. It is a pleasure for me and my family to live and work in this beautiful environment. Children, education and personal growth are my passions and I enjoy serving the Citrusdal community in this way. 

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