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Growing our Bodies



We are proud of our sparkling 25 metre swimming pool where we develop the swimming skills of our learners. The  annual inter house swimming competition is a highlight on our calendar and we take part in various swimming galas. Our swimmers flourish under the capable coaching of Mrs Retief, Mrs Mileham and Ms De Jongh. Private swimming lessons are being offered by Mrs Teresa Smit and Aquafast Swimming School. 


We believe that athletics provides the foundation for performance in various other sports , therefore we encourage mass participation in this important activity.  Through athletics, opportunities are created for every student to excel, regardless of skills level or body type.  We have a healthy competition amongst the different houses and we regularly take part in competitions against other schools in our area. 



Just say "cricket", and many enthusiastic students line up to be part of our team. We offer mini cricket for learners in the foundation phase and we regularly participate in competitions against other schools. With our new sports facilities that are being developed, we look forward to our own cricket nets and field! 



As a team sport for girls, netball definitely is one of the leading activities in South Africa! With focused coaching and training, we prepare our students to take part in sports days and competitions in the Western Cape. Netball provides an ideal platform for students to excel individually and as a team. With our brand new netball courts, we look forward to taking netball in Pomario to great heights!


There is no better way for boys to get rid of their energy than playing rugby! With our new sports facilities, rugby takes its rightful place as one of the most popular sports codes in the school. Our youngsters take part in the popular "bulletjie rugby" competitions, while we envisage a full rugby team in the near future. Our numbers are growing rapidly and we should be able to realise that dream soon!


Hockey is a very popular activity for boys and girls in our school and students take part in great numbers! It improves speed, coordination, posture and ball skills. With our group of talented players, we look forward to great achievements on the hockey field!


Biathlon & Cross Country

We are proud of our biathlon athletes who practice very hard  and perform well in the Boland region. Under the competent coaching of Mr Jakobus and Mrs Donneigh Retief, these young stars make their mark at every competition. No wonder that the current record holder in u.9 biathlon is a student at Pomario! These athletes also excel in cross country running.


Love Outdoors Share Trails

As the name indicates, the Pomario L.O.S.T. club is an extension of our love for the outdoors. Established in 2020, the enthusiastic L.O.S.T. members have already participated in an impressive array of activities like hikes in the Cederberg Mountains, Rock Climbing, Family Weekends, etc. Highlights include a hike to the well-known Disa Pools and Maltese Cross, as well as a sleep-over in the Sneeuberg hut on a two day hike of Sneeuberg and Duiwelsgatkloof.  We look forward to many more activities around Citrusdal and the Cape Peninsula in future.


Growing our Minds


Robotics & Coding

Pomario has been been on the forefront of technology for several years, offering coding classes for students as an extra mural activity. In 2021 we took the bold step to transform our coding classes into a robotics programme. With two teams of nine students each, we are ready to take part in the First Lego League competition. This is just one way in which we prepare our learners to take their place in the modern economy.  


Our chess team is well known as a force to be reckoned with in the various competitions in our area. Chess provides the opportunity for students to develop strategic thinking and problem solving. The advantages of chess is well known and Pomario provides the platform for individuals to develop their ability to conquer their rivals on the checquerboard.   



We strongly believe that the ability to express your views with confidence, is a vital skill that everyone has to master. We have a young, but very talented group of speakers who compete in various speaking competitions is both Afrikaans and English. In-house speaking competitions make for great excitement and healthy competition.  


The sound of beautiful voices that harmonise well is one of the marks of a school where students are happy. The Pomario a capella choir was established in 2021 and they quickly became a close-knit group that light up any occasion. They perform at school events, and in the community. We are very proud of these ambassadors with their angelic voices! Very soon they will be ready to take part in eisteddfods as well.



Developing the artistic abilities of our students lies close to our hearts. In the art class, Mrs Blankendaal brings the subject to life with various techniques and an innovative approach. After hours, the artistic skills of individual learners are honed by Mrs Jodi Crous, a well-known artist in Citrusdal. Artistic expression enriches a community and we are proud of our young artists who contribute in a unique way to the world we live in. 

Dramatic Arts

In the drama class, learning is great fun! Dramatic art  is about expressing yourself, overcoming your fears and being comfortable in your own skin while conveying a message to your audience. Our students  perform at school events and eisteddfods. Very soon we will be ready for the bigger stage as well! We dream about our own open air theatre. Wouldn't that be a wonderful asset to the community?!     

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