Our Vision

Like an orchard, we aim to plant the seeds of a quality education, feeding and nurturing our children, helping them to grow into well-rounded, confident individuals.

The vision for our school is to help each child flourish,  to reach their full potential, placing our highest priority on the development of the child, with an individualized approach.  Tailoring each child's unique needs to create happy, spontaneous "whole children" with life skills, vision and a positive self-image, ready to challenge our ever-changing world as young adults.

Our child-centered approach will recognize and encourage the special spark within each child whilst developing lateral thinking, self-motivation and independence. Smaller classes with individual attention, quality teachers and an innovative curriculum will ensure an all-round, forward-thinking and stimulating education at affordable private school rates.

To join our 'school family' is to flourish in a homely, safe and loving environment in beautiful, country surroundings.  We aim to expose the children to as much as possible in order to give them a full, well-rounded understanding of the world, offering not only high academic standards, but providing sports, drama, cultural events, music and arts.  We will be undertaking school outings, participating in community upliftment and teaching and involving them in sustainability, both community and ecological, recycling, growing vegetables, keeping pets, etc.  They will be taught to respect, nurture and value one another and nature and to embrace and celebrate diversity, within a framework of Christian principles that are valued and adhered to.


Planting the seeds of good education




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